Sunday, 18 September 2016

Speech reflection

The part that I enjoyed most in my speech was the third paragraph about ‘the beast’ (my sister).  I'm most proud of the way that my speech turned out because I spent so long on it.  The challenges that I encountered while speech writing was writing enough but not too much so it fitted with the 2-3 minute time because I wanted to add so much to my speech but I also knew that I couldn't have it too long.  I overcame this challenge by……. choosing my favorite parts, by deleting some and adding a little bit and making it make sense while I was deleting some.  Overall I feel really good about how my speech was written because I finished it and I thought my speech was really good and I wouldn't change a bit.

As I practiced reading my speech out loud I tried to use expression and hand movements and project my voice.  I think I did the following things well as I presented my speech to the class - I  projected my voice and used expression.  I was challenged to write a good speech because I really wanted to have a great speech to present to the class.  I overcame this challenge by spending loads of time on it and trying to do a really, really good speech.  Overall I feel really good about my speech because I spent so long on it and I thought that it was really good.

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