Monday, 5 December 2016

Imaginary friend

Meet Crag, he's got a big rainbow afro that's very noticeable. He's short and chubby but walks tall. He wears a bright pink top, purple pants, long socks and bright green shoes, a bright pink tie,and he wears big silver glasses.  His nose is white and round, he has big lips and a tidy looking brown beard. His legs can hardly hold up his body as he walks very fast. While walking he moves his hands back and forth.

He’s sensible, never stops smiling, he loves to talk a lot. He loves to hang out at his fridge a lot because he likes to eat all the ice cream out of it. His talent is talking, his special interest is opera. He hangs out with his friend Mr Tree Girl, Mr Noodle Bum and Fred. He sways his hips from side to side talking to all the people he sees. He stomps along the ground, you can hear his feet banging on the ground as he walks along.         

Crag is always in a happy mood he's never sad. His voice is very happy. He doesn't have an accent. He talks to others with a very happy tone of voice.

Crag hangs out with people like Bruce and Fred. People respond to Crag with laughter and happiness. People think that he's happy, funny and cool. He lives in a clean house and loves to keep it tidy. 

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