Sunday, 9 April 2017

Discovering my whakapapa

Discovering my whakapapa
My mums full name is Bridgett ann hunt
My dad's full name is adam holland.

My mum was born on the 8th may in nelson 1975
My dad was born on the 31 of march in london 1980.

My mum lived in nelson because that's where my great nana and poppa lived.

The things my mum remembers about my great nana that she was the best hide and seek player she smelt like soap and had really soft skin.

The stories that have come down down to me about  my parents grandparents and more distant ancestors are that my dad's grandfather thought the Africans tribes people to shoot guns. My mum’s grandma sailed from island to Christchurch.

The things I learned from my parents was honesty kindness work hard and believe in yourself.

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