Sunday, 30 July 2017

Search and rescue

Search and rescue
Our group is at search and rescue, standing there in the cold, waiting for Dale and Alisa to scream RUN. We were desperate to win, wanting to sprint faster than we had ever done before, to find the perfect hiding spot.  Still standing there in the cold, shivering, we finally heard RUN!!!

We sprinted faster and faster. The trees were putting their scratchy fingers in my ears as I rushed passed them.  The bushes were biting me with their prickly leaves and branches.  We slipped and slid on the muddy ground, the walkie talkie firing questions at us - “Are you near a stream?  Are you by a muddy hill?”  Our group continued to scramble up hills, down hills, across bridges, still trying to find the perfect hiding spot.

 I felt like there was a lake in my shoes, hearing the water squelching as I ran. Finally we found the  perfect hiding spot.  We crouched down behind the leaves, trying to calm our huffing and puffing. The walkie talkie was still having a conversation with us - “Where are you? Are you by a big tree?” The questions were coming like bang, bang, bang. We heard voices. We attempted to be as quiet as a mouse and as still as a statue.  We stared at them through the gaps in the leaves. They hadn't seen us. Then we heard Dale and Alisa talking on the walkie talkie, “Come back.”  We had finished and we hadn’t been found - we had won!

All I could think about was - how do we get back?

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