Sunday, 29 October 2017

Arts reflection

My learning is at multistructural for my arts learning because I can create a work of dance or drama to capture the heart of Waimairi. While doing dance and drama I learnt about non-locomotor and locomotor movements. Non-locomotor means you can't move your feet but you can still bend, stretch, push, pull and swing. Locomotor means you can stroll, jump, climb, scamper and gallop around in a space.

Ella and I captured the heart of Waimairi with a poi dance.  We did a poi dance because we think there are lots of learning opportunities and things to learn at Waimairi.  We related our poi dance to Kapa Haka because that's one of the many things you can learn at Waimairi.

My next step would be doing longer dances, perfecting it and showing it to a bigger audience.

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